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I like the snappy timing on your animation, really fits the voice acting.

Amazing work, I really enjoyed it even if I haven't played Death Stranding yet.
I especially like the way you portrayed the Mario items like the "?" boxes at the beginning.

Pretty cool animation, but I was really expecting more. You didn't even colour the backgrounds ..

This would be a cool music-video for the remix you've used. Maybe make more stuff happen in the background? Shy Guys walking around etc.

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It's a good message, but maybe you should have ended the game in a different way. Even if you do focus on the road, you'll still get killed. Which gives me more of a "Don't drive at all" message.

It's a creative idea and the gameplay really gives me the feeling of doing something reckless. I'd love to see more of your work in the future :)

This game is epic. Played a lot with my expectations. Good job! All without a single graphic or animation.


The Graphics are awesome!
The gameplay is crap:
-it lags
-it goes slow...
The music is annoying
The 3D Effect is awesome...

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Sick tune, it's very 90s in ways (which is always a good thing imo), but very modern in others.
It has a bit of that Good Looking Records kind of sound.

No reviews?

Love this track, it's a bit nostalgic and very lush sounding.
Great mixdown too. This is going in my faves :D

I really like what you did with the track, I barely recognized it at first because of the tempo.
It reminds me a bit of Nights: Journey of Dreams with the highspeed Drum N Bass beats and sunny vibe.

PaulyBFromDa303 responds:

Thanks Avi! Means a lot! That's a new comparison. I love Nights JoD. It did have a good vibe to it.

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I really like the colours!

Very nice! I really like the colour palette

Looks awesome. Not at all how I would imagine them in a reboot, with the red nose and red cheeks. But it does make me excited to see what the animation will look like.

JhonatanLechar responds:

Thank you! It's a personal project so I'm trying to push it towards my own style. I want it to have a strong "fingerprint" haha

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