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This looks fucking amazing. I love how much work, effort and detail went in the animation and effects.
Only the human looks a bit overanimated and robotic sometimes. But that's just a nitpick.
I see that you use a lot of 3D/rotoscoping techniques, which does make it easier, but I'd be a bit careful animating humans and organic things this way.

The colour palette looks veeery accurate to the way the colours would look in the era you're inspired by.

Amazing work

Please upload the full animation when it's finished.
Don't spam NG with a 6 second clip please.

It does look pretty cool and I understand that you're eager to show the world what you're capable of, but please .. upload work that is finished.

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spzltr748 responds:

yeah i realize ..sorry i was being too eager to show everyone ..its because im improving fast! so my apologies! im working on a the full version everything will be edited i'll add more effects to make it look legit and maybe mix my styles in animation because im currently studying a book that helps thank you for the response!

Not bad... I think the audio could be better. I think the Old Man could have some better voice acting. And the audio mixdown sounds a bit crappy.

I like the artstyle of the actual comic a lot (I mean the slides at the end), but the art and animation of the teaser itself is a bit choppy/fast and unnatural. I think the animator should work a bit on the timing of the keyframes.

But I'm looking forward to the comic!

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The Graphics are awesome!
The gameplay is crap:
-it lags
-it goed slow...
The music is annoying
The 3D Effect is awesome...

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This is the oldschool Newgrounds style! I really like this, but the enemies are hard to beat.

I like this!

The gameplay is great and the graphics are decent.
You have great programming skills!
I like this!

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Absolute beauty. We need more of this stuff on this site.

Cool track, but it sounds a bit static, volume-wise. It's constantly at high energy level and there's no places where the listener can catch a break.

In terms of melody and chord-progressions it does sound a lot more dynamic and interesting than the average DnB track. I like the vibe you've put down, it's very chiptuney. I just think that it would benefit from a breakdown section (or a section where the energy is lower)

Very cool track. It certainly lives up to it's title.

I think there could be a bit more variety at the second drop.
I'm not that big of a fan of the melody at 2:23, maybe it's because it's mixed in fairly loud. Maybe it would sound better in the background. The breakdown half-time part was maybe a bit too predictable and it didn't really move that smoothly into the second drop. It just stopped and went into the second drop suddenly.

You did the buildups very very well. There is just so much energy in this track. It had a bit of a similar type of energy as Hypercaine by DJFresh imo. 5'd + Fav + DL


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Looks awesome. Not at all how I would imagine them in a reboot, with the red nose and red cheeks. But it does make me excited to see what the animation will look like.

JhonatanLechar responds:

Thank you! It's a personal project so I'm trying to push it towards my own style. I want it to have a strong "fingerprint" haha

Giving me a bit of Metroid vibes. Looks pretty damn cool! Did you draw the sketchy outline with pencil and colour it digitally?

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