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I like the snappy timing on your animation, really fits the voice acting.

Amazing work, I really enjoyed it even if I haven't played Death Stranding yet.
I especially like the way you portrayed the Mario items like the "?" boxes at the beginning.

Pretty cool animation, but I was really expecting more. You didn't even colour the backgrounds ..

This would be a cool music-video for the remix you've used. Maybe make more stuff happen in the background? Shy Guys walking around etc.

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This game has potential, but I think there's a couple of things that don't work in terms of design.

Playing the game I felt like it was hard to match my actions with the pulse. I think there's several reasons why I had such a hard time with it:

- The rhythm is not being accentuated in the music. If there was a kick drum or another element that stands out in the mix that matches with the rhythm, I think it would be easier to match my inputs with the beat.

- The movement of the character (moving left and right) is in free-time timing (read "The Game Pulse" https://creativehero.es/the-game-pulse-timing-game-events-and-music-events/), it's not synchronized with the music, so there's a disconnect between the music and the movement. Having played a lot of platformers, I'm used to inputting my jumps and special attacks whenever I want. The problem is that you're taking away something that I (the player) am used to.

- The game immediately starts out on a pretty difficult level. I think easing in the player using a tutorial will help them get used to the controls.

Another thing:
The player should never be required to reset the game because of a synchronization bug, if this isn't an intentional gameplay feature. A way to fix the issue of the music and game not being in sync, is to base your game events on the absolute time of the music. So instead of having two seperate timers: music and game, you derive the timing of the game events from reading the music's play position.
I struggled a long time with this problem, but it's pretty easy to fix if you do it this way.

Having said that, I think your game is really appealing in terms of graphics. I also think this idea could potentially work if you work on the points I've mentioned.

I really like the concept. The mouse controls and the concept are nice and simple. I also like the art a lot.

The controls weren't always super responsive, which might have something to do with the easing in and out of the bird character you control. I also felt like the difficulty curve is a bit high in the beginning.

Other than that, the game definitely shows promise and I had fun playing it. I'd like to play the final version of it some day.

It's a good message, but maybe you should have ended the game in a different way. Even if you do focus on the road, you'll still get killed. Which gives me more of a "Don't drive at all" message.

It's a creative idea and the gameplay really gives me the feeling of doing something reckless. I'd love to see more of your work in the future :)

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Nice chilled out vibe, I like the break programming on this one a lot. It contrasts nicely with the trancey pads. I like the attention to detail, like how the break goes into the background after the first drop. Good stuff!

5TanLey responds:

Many thanks :)

Nice and polished tune, definitely reminds me of Sub Focus (Air Plane, Flamenco) but enough unique stuff to stand out on it's own.

DL + fav, this is going on my phone

Qshunt responds:

Thanks heaps for the kind words.

I'm quite proud of this one!

Sick tune, it's very 90s in ways (which is always a good thing imo), but very modern in others.
It has a bit of that Good Looking Records kind of sound.

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This was definitely my favourite part of the game. Great artwork, love the polished look, soft shadows and attention to detail.

This brings back some great memories.
Amazing art! Love the composition.

Ooh pretty! Like the contrast between the shadow part and light part. It makes the G-clef stand out more.

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