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Posted by AvizuraNG - July 2nd, 2021

Break Beat Battle Machines: Devlog #2


Break Beat Battle Machines will be a rhythm game/turn-based RPG-hybrid where the players build up their attacks by performing the right dance moves. The game is being made in the Flixel engine and will be developed for Windows, the web and hopefully Mac and Linux too (I've gotta look into it).


I'm getting pretty close now to finishing the editor. I've now implemented:

  • Simple arrow placement
  • Being able to change the duration of the arrows
  • Arrow colors based on the timing of the arrows (red is on-beat, blue is off-beat)
  • Save / Load (which is broken for the time being, I believe, since I added some extra stuff)
  • Waveform display
  • A simple selection menu
  • Zooming in/out
  • Changing the resolution of the arrows between sixteenth notes and triplets
  • Being able to select and delete multiple notes at once
  • Being able to create patterns from selected notes and quickly stamp them onto the track

At the moment I'm fixing some bugs and implementing the last features, before moving onto the main gameplay loop.

One of these features is the use of patterns:

I want the player to learn certain patterns by color and quickly identify those patterns during gameplay. I think this will make it easier for beginners to perform more complex moves. This is visible in the video (the red glowing rectangles around the pattern).

I still have to make it so that the editor/game reads the patterns from one centralized pattern file.


The editing tools and the game will be seperate projects. The editing tools will be contained in one project and will be used to generate the assets needed for the game. The game will have only the logic needed for the gameplay and will make use of these assets.

The structure of the game is going to be something like this:

  • Song Chunks - These are the step charts and contain a single music loop
  • Songs - These make use of Song Chunks and decide the flow of the music (which part goes first, which part gets played when one of the players has low HP etc.)
  • Scenes - Background, foreground, cheering people in the background, etc.
  • Campaigns - Will contain things like the story cutscenes, which scene and song will be used in a particular situation

I'm still figuring out some things, so this is likely going to change in the future.

Stay tuned for more!

If you're interested in this project, consider following me:


Posted by AvizuraNG - June 17th, 2021

When I just started making games as a teenager, I used to have lots of big game ideas, but I would never finish them. Over the years I have learned to start small, make something cool and build from there. That way I've managed to actually finish 3 game projects:

Now that I’m done with college, I’ve started production on my fourth game, which is called: ‘Break Beat Battle Machines’.

For this project I want to combine my love for Drum N Bass and other breakbeat-based music with my love for games. Break Beat Battle Machines will be a rhythm-game/turn-based RPG hybrid where the characters build up their attacks by performing the right dance moves.

More details will be shared in later posts.

Usually I don’t take the time to document the creation process of my games, but I thought it might be a good idea to get potential fans engaged. At the moment I'm still working on an editor to make editing the maps (songs) less of a pain in the ass. I’m using the Flixel game engine, because it supports many different platforms.

If you’d like to get more frequent and smaller updates, you can follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvizuraNG

Stay tuned!




Posted by AvizuraNG - July 20th, 2018

© LorenzoVDH


Posted by AvizuraNG - July 18th, 2018

I forgot how much fun and inspiring this website could be. 

I'm glad to be back after 6 years.